Girls in ICT Day Events
2012, April 23
Belgrade, Serbia
Digital Agenda Administration

Celebrating of the Girls in ICT Day in Serbia

On the occasion of the International Girls in ICT Day celebration, on April 23, 2012 in Belgrade, Digital Agenda Administration hosted more than 300 girls from the elementary schools from all over Republic of Serbia, who have visited the leading ICT companies (Telekom Srbija, Telenor, Vip mobile, ComTrade, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Oracle, SAP), Digital Agenda Administration and other public institutions from this field (Ratel), as well as the technical faculties.The members of Association of Business Women also gave the strong support and, besides the today's talks and socializing, they offered their help for the future activities of these young ladies, interested in ICT field.

State Secretary for Digital Agenda, Jasna Matić, welcomed 270 girls from all parts of Serbia, at the manifestation regarding the celebration of the International Girls in ICT Day.

Right upon their arrival to Belgrade, the girls had the opportunity to talk to Jasna Matić and successful women from the ICT field, and to gain a better insight into their work through their experiences. The girls also met the students and professors from the technical faculties, who introduced them with the opportunities for studying and education within ICT field.

The guests of Digital Agenda Administration showed their interest through their numerous questions, related to all details about the ICT field, from education to the possibilities for employment and way of work.

After that, the ceremony of delivering the awards for "The Best ICT Girl “ was organized in the Members of Parliament Club (“Klub poslanika”), for the best video clips to the following topics: “Why I love Internet” and “What I use my mobile phone for”.

In the evening hours, at the Career Mixer Party, the female students of the technical faculties met the successful women from the ICT industry, where they got the guidelines for the successful careers. On this occasion, the awards was delivered for the best videos to the topic “What can you do in Serbia in 2020 with the broadband Internet access”.

State Secretary for Digital Agenda, Jasna Matić, expressed her satisfaction with the fact that the most important people in the ICT field, around the world, recognized the importance of the idea which she, on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, presented in Guadalajara, and which has a significant influence on improvement and development of this field, as well as on the education of the new, young top experts.

“Not much time has passed since the adoption of our Amendments, on the basis of which, among the other things, the International Girls in ICT Day was established. I have to say that I have the mixed feelings of an extraordinary pride and enthusiasm, because of the great response and interest of these young ladies regarding the Information-Communications Technologies. It is a great feeling when you know that, due to your effort and persistence, the doors of companies and educational institutions are opened on this day in the entire world, and, even more importantly, that the doors are open for the future of the girls in ICT field, and obstacles and uncertainties, which have so far prevented them in choosing the vocations they really like, eliminated”- said Jasna Matić.

The aim of this event is to acquaint the girls with the professions in the field of Information and Telecommunication Technologies, natural sciences and engineering, and to present to them the possibilities for employment in these sectors, as well as to support and encourage girls to choose their professions according to their interests and abilities, and not to give in to the stereotypes.


Girls in ICT Serbia
Girls in ICT Serbia