Previously held position(s)
Supriya Bhargavan
Senior IT Consultant
Fraser Health Authority

Summary biography:  Worked as a lecturer in Computer Science at the Evelyn Hone College before completing a Masters in Computer Science at the University of Natal. Since my Masters I have worked in various domains as a programmer, team lead and later as an architect designing custom software solutions. Prior to moving to Canada I worked in Australia mostly in the government sectors of taxation and health.

What would you say are the most challenging and the most satisfying aspects of your work?

Work in the software industry while very technical provides ample opportunity to work in roles requiring more humane aspects such as a Business Analyst. Most challenging aspect is to translate user requirements into technical requirements and testable requirements. Every project I worked on has had a unique set of challenges which keeps my interest up at all times. The satisfying aspect is to be able to overcome these day today challenges and at times be able to customize previously tested solution patterns in solving issues in totally differing circumstances.

What qualifications or certifications did you attain in order to reach your professional goals?

A basic degree in computer science followed by an IT Certification has helped me keep up to date with the changing technical skills and my knowledge base at an optimum level.

If there is one message you would like to convey to young women to encourage them to consider a profession in the ICT sector, what would it be?

Work in the software industry provides an intellectually stimulating experience whether it be in a technical role or a leadership role that requires team and /or client coordination. Further, with the growth in the internet based work environment/ relationship there are many opportunities in this sector with little to no commute