How to Organize a Girls in ICT Day

Organizing an event to celebrate the Girls in ICT Day is a worthwhile effort. It is our chance to raise awareness about the opportunities of the ICT sector and empower girls and young women with the knowledge that careers in ICT can be for them.

There is no particular model or template to organize Girls in ICT Day events. You can create your own event, tailoring to your local context and means. The events can be nation-wide or series of regional or local events. You can target smaller groups of girls or you can aim to reach hundreds of girls.

International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of April each year and will next be celebrated on 27 April 2017. The stakeholders are welcomed to plan their event on the official date or depending on the local holidays and context the Girls in ICT Day event can be held in the weeks around the fourth Thursday of April.


Read more about how to organize a Girls in ICT Day event from our new International Girls in ICT Day Toolkit.



What kind of events? 

  • Fun and instructive “Open Days”  at an ICT company, government agency, or any ICT-related institution
  • “Women in ICT career days” at local schools with guest speakers
  • Inviting women role models in from the local ICT sector
  • Running contests, offering prizes and awards
  • “Hands on” experiences such as developing a mobile app
  • Career fairs
  • Mentoring and shadowing programmes

There’s no set style of an event – choose something that you like and that will be manageable.

Who should be involved?

  • Invite girls and young women who are at the age to choose their study or career options
  • Invite teachers and career advisers who are often not aware of the ICT sector
  • Reach out to women role models in the local ICT sector to inspire girls and young women
  • Get in touch with other local stakeholders to co-organize or explore other possibilities
  • Keep ITU informed about your plans and we can give advice, visibility, and recognition

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ITU will be pleased to provide recognition and visibility for your efforts if you send us pictures and videos of your event which we can then feature on our website.

ITU encourages you to highlight to potential sponsors and partners, that your event is an effort that responds and contributes to the ITU Plenipotentiary Resolution 70 (Rev. Busan, 2014) approved by all ITU Member States, which calls for the celebration of the International Girls in ICT Day worldwide.


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