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Cette section du portail sur les jeunes filles dans le secteur des TIC contient des liens vers des offres de bourses, des concours et des récompenses, des formations et des stages, des réseaux en ligne, des camps technologiques, des informations sur les Journées nationales des jeunes filles dans le secteur des TIC ainsi que d'autres initiatives visant à encourager et à aider les femmes et les jeunes filles à choisir une carrière dans ce secteur. Nota bene: toute question concernant un programme cité doit être envoyée à l'organisateur du programme.

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L'UIT encourage les établissements universitaires, les entreprises, les pouvoirs publics et les organismes d'aide, les ONG et autres institutions qui proposent des bourses, des concours et des récompenses, des formations et des stages, des réseaux en ligne ou qui organisent des camps technologiques ou des Journées "Les jeunes filles dans le secteur des TIC" à enrichir la base en y ajoutant de nouveaux programmes et à actualiser les informations figurant dans la présente section. Il suffit pour cela de vous inscrire et d'ajouter un nouveau programme ou de modifier les informations concernant vos programmes existants. L'administrateur du portail examinera votre contribution avant de la publier sur le site.

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Activités des Journées "Les jeunes filles dans le secteur des TIC"X
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The CIPS Women in IT program is intended to alleviate misconceptions among high school girls about the IT sector and encourage them to take up IT careers.  During International Women's Week, Information Technology Week, the organization holds events across the country for 3,000 thirteen- to fifteen-year-old girls.  

The Digital Leadership Institute has a unique mission to increase participation of girls and women in ESTEAM (entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) studies, careers and leadership around the world. The following are DLI-led initiatives in these areas:

AdaAwards.com- Global awards recognising outstanding girls and women in digital studies and careers and the people and organisations supporting them.
DigitalMuse.org- A global network promoting ESTEAM skills to girls through creative endeavor, in order to increase the quantity and quality of stories by, for and about girls and women in digital media.
g-Hive.org– A global network of female digital innovation centers promoting self- and expert-led exploration, education and invention in digital areas by girls and women.
inQube– A global online mentoring and matchmaking platform promoting female startups in digitally-driven and digitally-enabled enterprises and the ecosystem that supports them.
InspireGirls.org A global volunteer networking promoting increased participation of girls in ESTEAM studies and careers through hands-on skills development with role model mentors.
Women2020.org– A high-level European policy dialogue promoting the contribution of girls and women to achieving the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

DLI is also the European partner of iLive2Lead and Chair of the Belgian National Point of Contact for the European Centre for Women and Technology.

iLive2Lead- A worldwide community skilling young women to become future global leaders.
ECWT– The largest pan-European network promoting women in STEM studies, careers, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Eko-Konnect is a cluster of the Nigerian Research and Education Network (ngREN). Its aims to support network connectivity and collaboration between education and research organisations in the Lagos area as part of wider efforts to establish a functional and sustainable National Research and Education Network (NREN).

It was established in December 2009 in an initiative led by the University of Lagos to exploit the geographical proximity to sea cables and telecommunication companies to secure high speed and affordable Internet connectivity for the research and education community.

Eko-Konnect has as it's objectives:

- Connecting participating institutions in a high speed network suitable for academic activity.
- Good inter-operability between research organizations and higher education networks that enable secure anytime, anywhere access by students, teachers and researchers.
- Fostering of collaborative research in network technology and the development of internet resources, training, and usergroups amongst participating institutions.
- Collaboration with other stakeholders to establish the national Nigerian Research and Education Network (ngREN) and regional West and Central African network (WACREN).

Eko-Konnect is registered in Nigeria as a non-profit association to further these aims and objectives.

- ATI. The “Africa Training Initiative” is a 4-stage sustainable program developed jointly by Eko-Konnect and TeamCymru, a US-based Internet Security and Research Organisation, to help the Internet community in Africa meet this challenge through:
   - Training and Education
   - Collaboration and Intelligence building through data sharing, research and industry networking
   - Development and deployment of operational practices
   - Development of relevant support and facilitating bodies – CERTS, NOGs, etc.

- EkaLib. Eko-Konnect KohaAutomated Libraries (EkaLib) is a collaborative project for libraries dedicated to creating a shared catalog and an integrated system for libraries using Koha, the free and open source software library automation package.

- Eko-Geeks are students from various disciplines of the member institutions of Eko-Konnect. The group seeks to empower its members with technological knowhow irrespective of discipline and is focused on spreading the use, development and deployment of open source tools and services in their various institutions of learning.

- Girls in ICT is a program to equip girls and young women for a career in ICT. It aims to encourage girls to actively participate in ICT careers and provide opportunity for girls to learn the fundamental skills they need to be competitive in an increasingly technological world. Through specially tailored activities, the program will help young women think outside the box in the use and production of technology.

- ng-Mobicon is a series of activities related to mobile application and usage that will lead to the following program outputs:

   1.A comprehensive report on the use of mobile applications in Nigeria
   2.A capacity building workshop on Android mobile development for Eko-Konnect students
   3.Participatory design sessions with civil society organisations and non-governmental organisations with a view to understanding the requirements for their mobile applications.
   4.Development of 5 mobile applications that can impact areas of social change, citizen engagement, youth and gender rights and education in Nigeria.
   5.Develop Mobile Software Innovation Labs on Eko-Konnect campuses beginning with University of Lagos.

E-village is a project in pakistan which aims to take the power of ICTs to rural areas and focus specially on women Empowerment. In the area of ICT4D  E-village is a partner organization of telecentre.org and APTN. On 25th April 300 girls were awarded certificates after successfuly completing three months training programs. Details are available at www.evillage.net.pk  and http://www.facebook.com/groups/461438750576625/?fref=ts and https://www.facebook.com/PSAPakistan  . As a way forward E-village project aims to train Twenty Thousand women and girls in ICTs skills before 31st Dec 2013 as a WSIS agenda. We are looking for joint ventures with local and foreign partners for achieving our objectives in women empowerment.  For further details pl mail at ammar@brain.net.pk

Microsoft's DigiGirlz programs give high school girls the opportunity to learn about careers in technology, connect with Microsoft employees, and participate in hands-on comupter and technology workshops.

Microsoft is proud to offer technology programs that target youth. This one-day event, held at multiple Microsoft locations worldwide, is designed to provide high school girls with a better understanding of what a career in technology is all about.

About DigiGirlz Day

During the event, students interact with Microsoft employees and managers to gain exposure to careers in business and technology and to get an inside look at what it's like to work at Microsoft. This exciting event provides girls with career planning assistance, information about technology and business roles, thought-provoking exercises, and interesting Microsoft product demonstrations. By participating in the Microsoft DigiGirlz Day, young women can find out about the variety of opportunities available in the high-tech industry and can explore future career paths.

2012 Microsoft DigiGirlz Day Locations and Dates

Below is the list of DigiGirlz Days planned for 2012.

Please check back often for updates to this list.

United States Locations Date Registration and Contact Information
Lehi, UT February 8, 2012 Register here
Washington, DC March 2, 2012 Register here
Waltham, MA March 9, 2012 Register here
Portland, OR March 9, 2012 Register here
Milwaukee, WI March 13, 2012 Register here
Albany, NY March 14, 2012 Register here
Alpharetta, GA March 16, 2012 Register here
Cambridge, MA March 30, 2012 Registration closed
Tampa, FL April 4, 2012 Register here
Chicago, IL April 5, 2012 Register here
Houston, TX April 10, 2012 Register here
Tempe, AZ April 20, 2012 Register here
Rochester, NY April 20, 2012 Register here
New York, NY April 20, 2012 Register here
Edina, MN April 26, 2012 Register here
Denver, CO April 26, 2012 Register here
Philadelphia, PA April 27, 2012 Register here
Kingsport, TN April 27, 2012 Register here
Irvine, CA April 30, 2012 Register here
Dover, DE May 1, 2012 Register here
Ft. Lauderdale, FL May 4, 2012 Register here
Washington, DC May 4, 2012 Register here
Los Angeles, CA May 18, 2012 Register here
Des Moines, IA November 15, 2012 Register here
Bentonville, AR December 7, 2012 Register here
International Locations Date Registration and Contact Information
Bryanston, Johannesburg, Gauteng February 17, 2012 Register here
Ebene, Mauritius March 8, 2012 Register here
Paris, France March 9, 2012 Register here
Bucharest, Romania March 15, 2012 Register here
Wallisellen, Switzerland March 15, 2012 Register here
North Ryde, NSW, Australia April 2, 2012 Register here
Onike, Lagos, Nigeria April 5, 2012 Register here
Unterschleissheim, Germany April 26, 2012 Registration closed
Namibia May 11, 2012 Register here
Bryanston, Johannesburg, Gauteng May 25, 2012 Register here
Lima, Peru May 25, 2012 Register here
Shanghai, China August 24, 2012 Register here
Singapore September 28, 2012 Register here
Nairobi, Kenya September 29, 2012 Register here
Hellerup, Denmark November 1, 2012 Register here
San Salvador, El Salvador November 4, 2012 Register here
Reading, United Kingdom November 23, 2012 Register here


On-line Classes

Experience a new world of fun by exploring our on-line DigiGirlz courses! These classes have been developed with you in mind and will expose you to some of the content that is taught during our DigiGirlz program. Have fun and show your friends and family how creative and innovative you can be.

Savana Signatures has a mission "To equip youth, women and vulnerable groups with ICT skills for personal and professional development through the innovative use of ICT." The organization envisions "A society where relevant information, knowledge and skills for development are enhanced by equal access to and use of ICT".

Savisgn does this through its Education and Gender Programmes with the following Projects:

  1. Integration of ICT in Education Project
  2. Tech Girls Project
  3.  ICT Clinic for Girls
  4. Annual ICT Quiz Competition



WIT provides a diverse mix of resources to empower Nigerian women, youth, and children. Offerings include hosted events, webinars, articles, training, networking, career fairs, and contests.

Recently, WITIN is supporting an international mobile app challenge that encourages teams of secondary school girls to develop mobile apps, conduct market research, write business plans, and create a funding pitch. Nigerian teams will compete and a national winner will then travel to California to compete globally on May 1st, 2013. Such a challenge is inspiring for any country, yet alone Nigeria, and we look forward to sharing news of the success.

Another current initiative aims to target 10,000 marginalized women for empowerment via ICT by the end of 2013. The hope is that with support, women can create online presences for their businesses. WITIN also supports International Girl in ICT Day and has participated in numerous ITU and Google events.

Other efforts include:
Green ICT projects
Sensitization of at least 250 schools on science, technology, engineering, and maths
Forums on ICT and child development
Twitter aid for women businesses

Don’t forget, International Girls in ICT Day is April 25th, 2013. At least six African countries participated last year and hopefully more will take part in 2013!

Be sure to follow @mywitin on Twitter and also check out one of their 13 YouTube videos (like the one below).


Women2020 Launch - Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO Bull Belux & Digital Champion of Belgium - Photo: Charles Kinoo

Following a very successful launch of the Women2020 partnership on 8 March 2013, we are thrilled to announce that the second event of the Women2020 platform will take place in honour of International Girls in ICT Day, on Thursday, 25 April 2013, 8:00-10:30 at DIGITALEUROPE in Brussels. This event will take the form of an invitation-only breakfast for a total of forty speakers and attendees, on the topic of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) for Smart Growth -- one of the three pillars of the European 2020 Strategy.

Participation: This event is Invitation Only. To express your interest in being invited to attend, please follow this link and fill in an Attendee Nomination form to submit to the organisers.

Women in STEM for Smart Growth: Promoting Women's Education, Jobs and Leadership in STEM Sectors in Europe Draft Programme: 8:00-8:45 - Registration and networking breakfast by Me Gusta

8:45-8:55 - Welcome by Ms. Eva Fabry, Director, European Centre for Women and Technology and Mr. John Higgins, General Director of DIGITALEUROPE

8:55-9:40 - Panelist presentations moderated by Ms. Cheryl Miller, Founder of Women2020

9:40-10:20 - Discussion with Attendees & Online Participants

10:20-10:30 - Closing Remarks by Ms. Cheryl Miller, Founder of Women2020

Live Webstreaming: The entire event will be live-streamed here for public participation.

Smart Women2020 Rapporteur: Ms. Inge De Prins

2013 Series: The 25 April event is the second in a series of high-level Women2020 gatherings taking place throughout 2013, addressing topics related to women's contribution to achieving the Europe 2020 vision. The entire agenda is the following:

  • COMPLETED - Event Report & Photos: 8 March (12:00-14:00 at DIGITALEUROPE, Brussels): Women for Smart, Sustainable & Inclusive Growth: Promoting the Contribution of Women to Achieving the Europe2020 Vision
  • 25 April (8:00-10:30 at DIGITALEUROPE, Brussels): Women in STEM for Smart Growth: Promoting Women's Education, Jobs and Leadership in STEM Sectors in Europe
  • 15 May (8:00-10:30 at Google, Brussels): Women in Enterprise for Sustainable Growth: Promoting Women-led Innovation and Enterprise, and Women Entrepreneurs in Europe
  • 17 October (Location TBC): Women in Leadership for Inclusive Growth: Promoting Women in Public & Private Sector Leadership
  • 12 November (12:00-14:00 in Brussels): Young Women for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth: Promoting the Contribution of Young Women to Achieving the Europe2020 Vision
  • 5 December, Brussels: Release Event Women2020 Action Plan

Action Plan: In collaboration with our media partners New Europe and Business Incubator Magazine, a Women2020 Action Plan will be published at the end of 2013 on the basis of the Women2020 dialogues. Involvement: Please contact the organiser for more information about the Women2020 platform, or to sponsor or host a Women2020 event.

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